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Art is a powerful form of communication and a means of expressing ideas and feelings.  The Faculty has a focus on helping our students to develop skills to expand their visual language.  In a world where the creative industries are increasingly dominant there are numerous careers that can be opened with a high quality Arts education.  The Art team aims to guide our students on their creative journeys. 

In 2015 the Art Faculty will be moving to a new building with outstanding purpose built facilities comprising of 3 studio spaces, a darkroom and a kiln room.

Years 7-9:

During Years 7-9 we teach a project based program of study that focuses on the acquisition of art skills and critical and contextual analysis. These projects are the building blocks of a visual language and will secure a foundation of knowledge within our students while encouraging them to be creative learners. During Years 7-9 students participate in a range of practical activities that encourage autonomy, risk taking, thinking skills and an appreciation of the subject.

Every student in years 7, 8 and 9 studies Art for one hour a week. The emphasis in Year 7 is on developing the basic art skills by working with drawing, painting and mixed media. They explore line, tone and form, the use of colour and texture. In years 8 and 9 students are taught to explore art and artists using a GCSE model of enquiry so the transition to examination courses is smooth.

GCSE Art & Design:

AQA 8201: Art & Design

This course builds on the skills taught in Years 7-9 and is for those who want to realise their artistic ideas in a more thorough and in depth way. The course is structured to develop each student’s individual skills within the broad based Art curriculum. In this course students develop their drawing, painting and sculpting skills through a series of challenging and thought provoking projects that expand their visual language skills. This is an excellent course that enables students to analyse and understand the world around them and to express their responses through visual means. The projects that are studied will cover work from other cultures, portraiture and sculpture.  Students have 5 lessons of GCSE Art per fortnight.

We explore a variety of techniques including:

  • Painting
  • Mixed Media
  • Digital Media
  • Printmaking




AQA Fine Art 7201/7241

A Level Fine Art builds from GCSE to develop the students’ ability to express personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms. There is a great focus on the observational recording of the world around us as well as a more experimental approach. Students have 4 lessons of Art per week at A level and are expected to use study periods to develop their work independently.

Progression to Foundation and Degree courses is extremely successful and popular from this course. Other students use the skills that they have developed to access a wider range of courses and careers in the creative industries.



The Art Faculty offers after school Art clubs and coursework sessions to support our students in developing their skills.

We have links with MK Gallery and our A level students can participate in their ‘Lost and Found’ program to work with practising artists.















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