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Denbigh School News

Denbigh School Open Evening, Thursday 22nd October at 5:30pm

On Wednesday 23rd February, Denbigh School was pleased host a lecture on the uses of Nanotechnology in Modern Medicine. The lecture was delivered by four members of the international ARGENT project (Advanced Radiotherapy, Generated by Exploiting Nanoprocesses and Technologies). In attendance were Yr.12 and Yr.13 A Level scientists, who were treated to an explanation of the science behind nanotechnologies as well as an update on how this pioneering technology may be used to treat types of cancers and diabetes in the future. The lecture concluded with a question and answer session where Denbigh students put the lecturers through their paces with some insightful and thought provoking questions.

To read more about the FP7 ITN ARGENT Project please click here

Year 10 students took time out from their summer holidays to tackle a project set by the Science Faculty called 'Exploring Space'. Students were given the freedom to present their work in any form so long as it met the criteria for grading. Enya Deysel and Tia-Leanne Margan worked together to produce a cake masterpiece. Their moon cake creation was covered in flags that contained amazing facts about space including the Solar System and the Universe as a whole. The cake included a 'core' that contained a poster with further information.

Thursday 15th September, 2015 in the Meeting Hall

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The dates and times for collecting GCE and GCSE examination results are as follows:

GCE results: Thursday 13th August

9.00‐10.00am Year 13

10.00‐11.00am Year 12/others

GCSE results: Thursday 20th August

9.30‐10.30am Year 11

10.30‐11.30am Year 10

There are three alternatives for students who are unable to collect their results in person:

1. Results can be posted home if the student brings a large, stamped addressed envelope to the Exams Office before the end of term.

2. Results can be given to another person if that person has a signed note from the student saying that it is acceptable for us to do so.

3. Students may collect their results from the Exams Office after the start of the new term in September.

Carrie King, international author of the Joni-Pip series of books visited Denbigh School on Wednesday 22 July to sign copies of her book for a line of excited students, all interested to read about the main character's journey through time.

Living locally in Shenley Church End, successful author Carrie, chatted with students about how she became an author and where her inspiration for writing comes from. She also met with up again with Year 8 Denbigh student and budding writer Joshua Nicholson, who has written a piece in the book on the characters catchphrases and analysed the fun use of the author's language throughout 'The Life in the Wood – with Joni-Pip'.

Delighted that the widely acclaimed author could attend the book signing, Headteacher Andy Squires said:

"I am so pleased Carrie agreed to meet with students and discuss what being an author entails. Denbigh School is committed to promoting high standards of literacy and we encourage all of our students in their love of learning. Carrie is the perfect example of the perseverance and hard work it takes to become an author. Her passion for literature and creative arts are very apparent."

Carrie generously left some signed copies of her books in the School library for all of Denbigh students to enjoy.

This summer holiday, a significant number of children will be picking up their tablets and consoles to embark on a six week marathon of online gaming. According to a survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 5 – 18, nine in ten (91%) parents say their kids play games online. While the majority of parents say they limit the amount of time their children spend online gaming, a third (34%) admit that their child plays at least once a day.

Gaming Press Release

Full Details - Gaming leaflet

Students in Modern Foreign Languages chose and then cooked the following Italian recipes: bruschetta, crostini, tiramisu. The Phote can be found on the school portal using the link below.

Click here to view the photos

The Enigma Maths Hub hosted a conference over 2 days called 'Welcome to your A-Level Maths'. This was held at Denbigh School where Year 11 students from across the local area began preparation for A-Level Maths ahead of their Year 12 studies. The students participated in various Maths sessions and they challenged themselves with a competition to test their knowledge gained throughout the conference. Guest speakers from The Open University and FMSP (Further Mathematics Support Programme) spoke to the students about A-Level Maths and the opportunities open to them for later career choices.

Click here to view the full press release.

The 2015 Denbigh School Art Competition Winners are as follows

Overall Winner – Kira (Curie House)

Runner Up – Georgia (Newton)

Runner Up – Ellie (Darwin)

Mr Anthony Brown, Science Faculty Head at Denbigh School, embraced the challenge of trialling one of Trajan Scientific and Medical's latest product innovations, the Grale HDS MiPlatform.

Mr Brown experimented with many applications and found the perfect use for the unique microscope platform with the help of his smartphone. He used the MiPlatform to transform his phone into an essential astronomy tool. Using the MiPlatform as a stabilising device on the microscope, Mr Brown found he was able to take an iconic picture of a Solar Eclipse. Since working with the School on this product, Trajan, located in Crownhill, have successfully launched the MiPlatform to industry for a range of applications such as pathology diagnostics and medical research.

Astronomy Now magazine has also featured an advert on the product and Trajan is extremely pleased with the partnership developed with Denbigh. Trajan is an international company delivering breakthrough solutions in the fields of scientific and medical analysis. Trajan's Grale HDS brand encompasses pathology and microscopy products such as the MiPlatform, for use by the education, scientific and medical communities.

Mr Squires, Headteacher of Denbigh School, said: "Following the successful product trial, Trajan has awarded the School with £500 per year for the next 3 years to spend on equipment for the Science Faculty. We aim to strengthen our links with Trajan and look forward to working on further product developments at the cutting edge of Science. Denbigh students will benefit from the support provided by Trajan with effective programmes of study in the teaching and learning of Science in the classroom."

Mr Hall, EMEA Operations and Distribution Manager of Trajan Scientific and Medical, commented: "We are delighted with the initiative taken with our MiPlatform product and look forward to working with Denbigh School further to strengthen links with our local education community."


Denbigh Teaching School Alliance offers a wide range of training and professional development programmes for teachers and other educational professionals across Milton Keynes and the surrounding area.

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School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) allows graduates to train as teachers in local schools. Denbigh Teaching School in partnership with St Paul's Catholic School and more than 15 partner schools from Milton Keynes and the surrounding area will be training teachers in 2015/16.

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The Enigma Maths Hub is a partnership lead by the Denbigh Teaching School Alliance including Shenley Brook End School, and has already set up a close working relationship with its strategic partners, Two Mile Ash School, Pilgrim Teaching School Alliance, Chiltern Teaching School Alliance, Oakgrove Teaching School Consortium and the Open University.

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