A Partnership

genuine partnership between home and school underpins the ethos of Denbigh and is the foundation of our Home School Agreement, which we ask all students and parents to sign when they join the School. 

The School
As a School we commit to care for your son or daughter.  We want our students to be happyhealthy and feel secure.  Before a student joins us in Year 7 well established links with local primary schools enable a smooth transition from primary to secondary education.  Close contact between tutor and parent ensures continuing progress.  Once at Denbigh, every student is placed in a tutor group in one of our five Houses – Brunel, Curie, Darwin, Newton and Stephenson, under the care of a personal tutor, a Head of House and Assistant Head of House.  Peer support is encouraged and is a strength of the vertical tutor grouping system we use at Denbigh. 

We have in place an Anti-Bullying Policy which makes clear our determination that everyone has a right to feel safe and secure.  This is supplemented by peer mentoring schemes run by students who have received training in this aspect of support.

We are committed to having a healthy school environment and we encourage our students to follow a healthy lifestyle.  We are also committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our students and require all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  All staff are required to have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate.
We commit to keep you informed of your son or daughter’s progress.  The School Portal provides password protected access to information about the progress of your son or daughter.   On-line progress reports provide regular assessments of your son or daughter’s performance in terms of homework, engagement and behaviour and sets out their Current Learning Grade.  These reports, which are also sent home with students, help parents monitor their son or daughter’s performance in liaison with their tutor and subject teachers at regular consultation evenings and afternoons.  The Portal also gives electronic access to student timetables, classes, homework, school policies and the School Newsletter.
Parents are invited to use our monthly parent ‘drop-in’ sessions to talk to a member of the Leadership Team, no appointment is necessary.  We also use text or email alerts through the School Communications System to keep parents informed of events.

We encourage our students to share their ideas with the School as we value the 'student voice' highly.  Our students have spoken to both national and local audiences about how the student voice forms an integral part of the ethos and success of the School.  The Student Council with its formal election processes and action groups is a positive influence on the School.  It is involved in a range of initiatives that have created a dialogue between students, staff and trustees, which had a real impact on School life, including teaching and learning.   Our students regularly serve on the MK Youth Cabinet
We have a strong house ethos which offers students a sense of identity and belonging and opportunities for competition through our extensive ‘Inter House Competition Programme’.  Sixth Form students are elected each year as House and Vice Presidents.  

We expect our students to exhibit the highest standards of behaviour, as good order and discipline are essential to the provision of high standards of teaching and learning.  To achieve this, the School has a Behaviour Policy that sets out a clearly defined reward structure for the recognition and promotion of positive behaviour, together with a clear and fair system for dealing with incidents of disruptive behaviour.  We expect our students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and to recognise that no student has the right to disrupt the learning of others.

Excellent attendance and punctuality, both to School in the morning and to lessons throughout the day are essential.  Students are expected to attend School regularly and to be on time every morning to ensure continuity in their learning.  We rigorously follow-up unexplained absence and where we suspect truancy, work closely with parents to identify problems and ensure full attendance.  The School will not authorise absence due to holidays being taken during term time.

Students will be required to wear the full school uniform appropriately at all times in line with the School’s expectations.  Students are part of a learning community at Denbigh and wearing the uniform is vital to feeling a sense of belonging.  Our uniform requirements have been drawn up to achieve a neat appearance and to be fit for purpose

Every student is given a School Diary which helps them and their parents to keep track of what they are doing at School.  Information in the diary includes homework set, achievements and shares gained, test results and involvement in extra-curricular activities.  We like parents to look at the diary at least once a week, sign it and talk to their son or daughter about the achievements and developments recorded in it.  We would also encourage parents to use the School Portal to keep abreast of their son or daughter’s progress and activities in School. 

Parents can also encourage their child to plan their time to accommodate homework every evening and provide, wherever possible, a quiet place for them to study at home.

The Denbigh School Parents' Association continues to enjoy the active support of parents, teachers, trustees and friends of the School.  The Association plays a vital role in fundraising for the School, in particular with their flagship event, the Christmas Bazaar, where the School opens its doors to the local community.  New members are always welcome.  

Please use the policies link to access information about the School policies referred to in this section.


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