Student Lockers

Denbigh School offers you the opportunity to hire a locker for your son/daughter. A non-refundable hire fee of £10.00 is charged and students will retain the same locker throughout their time at Denbigh, up to Year 11. Locker keys should be returned to the Site Team on the student’s last school day in a named envelope and put in the key box situated outside the Caretakers Office.

Returning Denbigh students (year 11 to Sixth Form) have the opportunity to hire a Sixth Form locker at no additional charge (as long as Main School locker key was returned, as per above) and a form is completed.
If you wish to hire a locker, please pay via ParentMail. Lockers are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and are hired on the following conditions:

If, during a routine inspection damage to the locker is found; an additional charge will be invoiced to the student. Replacement keys and locks are available at a charge of £5 per key/lock, paid via ParentMail.

*good condition is defined as: free from stickers, graffiti and any physical damage to the locker, including scratches in the paint work























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