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The Denbigh Aptitude Test applies only to prospective new Year 7 students in the normal admissions round i.e. students in Year 6 seeking entry into Year 7 the following September and is not compulsory. It does not apply to other year groups or to in-year admissions for places in Year 7.

The Governing Body does not believe that it serves the best interests of parents and children for an oversubscribed school to have to turn away prospective pupils with the potential to benefit from Denbigh's style of education. simply because they do not live in the immediate vicinity of the School. Nor do they believe that access for pupils with similar potential to benefit, who live locally, should be unduly restricted. As such, the test is open to all.

Historically the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 allowed every school with a specialism in a prescribed subject to give priority to up to 10% of pupils who could demonstrate an aptitude in the relevant subject. Denbigh School was designated a Specialist Technology School. As such, 10% of places have continued to be available on the basis of the aptitude of the applicants for technology. This has been reaffirmed by the School Admissions Code 2012.

In the case that twin or multiple birth siblings take the test and one sibling is awarded a place by
aptitude, but one twin or multiple birth siblings are not, there is no requirement for the school to go over PAN.  A school would be required to allocate places during the normal round of admission to Year 7 to twins and multiple birth siblings, even if it takes them over PAN, if the last place awarded is given to one of their siblings.

The Test

Denbigh School uses a non-verbal (written) problem-solving test to establish aptitude. The test is not linked directly to National Curriculum subjects but has been designed as a way of assessing a child's potential to reason and think a problem through. The test is not compulsory for Year 7.

The aptitude test, which will last one hour in total, will take place on Saturday, 18th September 2021.

The deadline to apply for the aptitude test is 12 noon on Friday 3rd September 2021. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted and the student will be unable to sit the aptitude test for September 2022 entry to Year 7.

Please complete the application form below – please note acknowledgement of receipt will show on the screen after completion. A letter will be sent confirming timings nearer to the test date. Results of the test will follow in time to complete the MKC Secondary Admissions form by October 31st 2021.


























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