Defined Areas

A defined area is the area normally served by a school. Denbigh's defined area (as mentioned earlier) is Crownhill, Great Holm, Loughton, Shenley Church End, Shenley Lodge and Two Mile Ash.

Our 'Partner' schools are Caroline Haslett, Loughton and Two Mile Ash Junior/Primary schools.

The defined area has been determined by historic patterns of transfer, availability of places in the area and geographic factors. Changes to the defined area can only be made after public consultation and in co-operation with the Local Authority.

It may be your intention to express a preference for your child to attend Denbigh School rather than your defined area school – if this is your intention, you need to understand:

- you would be responsible for the cost and arrangement of transport to the School for your child, and

- if your preference for Denbigh School cannot be met, there is no guarantee that you will then be able to obtain a place at your defined area school if it is very popular
















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