Dear students and parents,

Below is a guide to help you improve your writing skills, including tips, guidance and some exercises to help you to improve your written communication skills.

If you want to check how and when to use an apostrophe, or if you just need general help when planning your writing, this is the guide for you!

These skills will be of benefit to you throughout your time at Denbigh School and of course, for the future.

Hopefully, you will find this helpful and that you will use this guide in all of your subjects.

Miss Bennett

Literacy Marking
An easy guide to referencing your essay
Some terminology we use at Denbigh
Parental Literacy Support - Reading
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Book Recommendations 3
*NEW* Helping your child improve their spellings
*NEW* Spellings
*NEW* Language Terms and Effects



Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Denbigh’s Guide to Equations, Fractions and Percentages is designed to demonstrate and explain the standard approach used at Denbigh School that your child will have learnt to solve problems.  
While this might not be the only method they have seen in their Mathematics classes, these basic methods will help them to approach many common questions across all subjects.

As parents, we often feel unsure about how to help our children improve their numeracy skills, and often revert back to methods that we were taught at school. While these methods still work, new methods have been introduced that save students time in examinations and help them to work through problems in clear steps. Even just the layout of an answer can often help the student to get to the right answer.

The resource below is aimed at explaining the process that students need to go through for each method with an audio description should you choose to use it.

Mrs Kadri

Denbigh's Guide to Equations, Fractions & Percentages (pdf)

Denbigh's Guide to Equations, Fractions & Percentages (ppt with audio)










































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