Head of Brunel: Mrs G Main
Head of Curie: Miss N Hunt
Head of Darwin: Mr A Ozgul
Head of Newton: Mrs S Wiltshire
Head of Stephenson: Miss P Jennings

House System & Tutorials

On entry, students are placed in a tutor group and one of our five Houses under the care of a personal tutor and a Head of House. The tutor is the central figure in the student's life.

A tutorial programme encourages and supports all aspects of student development and includes opportunities for students to review their learning and to discuss progress with their tutors.

Students have a 20 minute Tutorial every day, with one of those sessions given over to a weekly Assembly.

Peer support is encouraged and is a strength of the vertical tutor grouping system we use at Denbigh.

Personal Social Health and Economic Education

PSHEE is taught across the Curriculum, supplemented by a programme of special events as well as activities in tutorial.

Citizenship is taught through Humanities and across the Curriculum, including tutorial time. Students can get involved in active Citizenship projects.

Collective Worship

A planned programme of contemplation, which takes the form of assemblies, provides students with the opportunity to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from these sessions.

the Student Voice

As part of our Pastoral, PSHEE and Citizenship programmes Denbigh School is heavily involved in giving its Students the opportunity to play an active role in the life and direction of the school.

Each House has a President and Vice-President, democratically elected by the student body who work with the Head of House in organising Inter-House competitions, running the weekly Assemblies and chairing meetings of the House Councils, which are also democratically elected by the student body of each House.

Denbigh School also has an active Student Council. Denbigh has been recognised nationally as leading the way in terms of how we value ‘the student voice’ and we have given guidance to other schools on the subject.

The Student Council is a strength of the School, with a formal election process electing students whose views are fed directly to the Headteacher and Governors.

In addition to the elected house and school councils, students have the opportunity to volunteer to be part of one of our many student voice satellite groups. These are student action groups that meet regularly to discuss specific issues. We have satellite groups for teaching and learning, curriculum developments, health and well-being, behaviour, students as learning partners, student governors, recruitment to name but a few.















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