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Student Support Centre

Denbigh has a ‘state of the art’ Student Support Centre dedicated to supporting staff in the management of students with emotional, behavioural, social and communication difficulties as well as learning difficulties. The Centre offers a support programme for those students entering Denbigh who are on the special needs register. These students will be identified to us through close liaison with our feeder schools.

Depending on their specific needs, a programme will be set up to offer additional support either through small group withdrawal work in the Centre or being placed in a class which has extra support in most lessons. Many students continue individual learning schemes set up in their previous schools.

Each student will have an Academic Profile available to teaching staff, which will identify their needs and set them targets to help them towards achieving their potential.

The majority of support is offered in-class or in small withdrawal groups and, where possible, one-to-one specialist teaching is available. Standardised tests and progress reports are used to monitor progress which is then discussed with parents. Communication with parents and listening to the views of our students forms an important part of our assessment process.

Support for students for whom English is a second language is supplied by a Language Assistant who is employed by the school specifically to work with these students. Where the need arises, in the case of newly arrived students from other countries, additional dispersed needs can be applied for from the LA Ethnic Minority Advisory and Support Service.

All students are welcomed into the Support Centre during the lunch hour and break to complete homework, catch up on missed activities or just take ‘time out’ from the busy school environment. We also work closely with the Heads of House, Heads of Faculty, Key Stage Leaders and other staff in identifying, assessing and supporting all students. Students with medical problems may be identified as benefiting from time spent working in the Centre.

Principles of our Disability and Special Educational Needs

The School’s ethos is one in which the teaching, learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all students matter and that all students are valued equally. Our aim is to reduce barriers to learning, improve access to an inclusive education and to avoid discrimination against all learners with special needs or disabilities.

Students with learning difficulties and disabilities have their needs met through a whole school approach integrating a flexible provision throughout the Curriculum. Through our “state of the art” Student Support Centre we provide additional provision to enable students with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties access to the Curriculum.

All teaching areas have been built for ease of access by students and staff with disabilities.

The School’s aim is to develop a partnership where professionals and parents work together and parents are fully involved in the support for their child. Regular meetings are held with parents, teachers, the SENCO and the student to review progress and the programme of learning.


What is the Local Offer?

The local offer provides key information for parents/carers of children and young people with special educational needs (SEND) in Milton Keynes.

The Local Offer exists to inform parents/carers about the support and provision that is available across local settings. Our SEN Information Report explains the support and provision provided at Denbigh School which contributes to the Milton Keynes Local Offer. You can access our answer to 14 key questions below.

Denbigh School Local Offer 2017 - 2018

Denbigh SEN Information Report 2017


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