STEM Lectures

Dear STEM Student,

This year’s STEM Lecture Programme will be delivered by top academics and STEM ambassadors from across the country.

You are invited to attend a series of lectures based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths ‘hot topics’. They will explain how STEM subjects affect our lives and what the current trends in research are. The topics have been chosen to build on and extend elements of the GCSE and A Level programmes of study.

The lectures will be delivered virtually with a video link uploaded to the School website at 9:00am on the release day. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity - plan your schedule to learn about STEM developments at the cutting edge.

Please download the current programme HERE.

If you have any questions for the lecturer after viewing their video please feel free to email them to and we will aim to provide answers ASAP.


STEM Lecture

Previous STEM Lecture

13/01/2021: Hay Days: Meadow Science for Biodiversity & Agriculture

20/01/2021: Vaccines and the Immune System in the Fight Against Viruses

27/01/2021: Enceladus and Icy Moons of the Solar System

10/02/2021: Chemical Patents: Where Chemistry and Law Overlap

24/02/2021: GA Mice in Neuroscience Research

10/03/2021: The Need for Data Literacy

17/03/2021: Mountains & Magma: A Look inside the Himalaya


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