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Entry Requirements

PointsProgramme of Study
Route 148 points or more from best 8 GCSEs (including Grade 5s in BOTH GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics)3 courses. 4 courses by exception following discussion with Director of Post-16.
Options to study EPQ
Plus enrichment
Route 232 points from best 8 GCSEs (including Grade 4s in BOTH GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics)3 courses – certain subjects are only available with a grade 6.
40+ points = 3 courses and EPQ option or Enrichment
32-39 = 3 courses no EPQ
Route 3At least 5 subjects at Grade 4 or above, including at least one of GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics3 courses – certain subjects are only available with a grade 6
GCSE resit in English or Maths (if required)
Football AcademyDiscussion with Director Mr Lay
Students can take a re-sit course in GCSE Mathematics and GCSE English Language
For students with a good GCSE profile there is an opportunity to add a suitable A Level course.

Specific subject requirements

If a relevant subject has been studied at GCSE, students are required to have a grade 4 pass in order to continue with that subject into A Level unless mentioned below.

A LevelGCSE neededGrade required
BiologyGCSE Combined Science or GCSE Biology66+ (Combined)
6+ (Single)
BusinessGCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics4+
ChemistryGCSE Combined Science or GCSE Chemistry66+ (Combined)
6+ (Single)
Product DesignGCSE Engineering/Product Design/DT4+
EconomicsGCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics5+
English Language & LiteratureGCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature4+
English LiteratureGCSE English Literature6+
FrenchGCSE French6+
Further MathematicsGCSE Mathematics8+
GeographyGCSE Geography/History/Religious Studies6+
GermanGCSE German6+
HistoryGCSE History/Geography/GCSE Religious Studies6+
MathematicsGCSE Mathematics7+
MusicGrade 5 Music Exam5
PhysicsGCSE Combined Science or GCSE Physics66+ (Combined)
6+ (Single)
SpanishGCSE Spanish6+
More than 1 Science A LevelIf studying GCSE Combined Science77+