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Mr Q Berriman – Mr S Campbell –
Mr W Dymock – Ms M Conlon –
Mr M Hairsine – Mrs J Hallam –
Ms E Hanby – Mrs J Herring –
Ms L Kewney – Mr M List –
Mrs C Stone – Miss L Pretorius –
Miss E Roche – Miss R Herring –
Mr J Stoddart – Mrs P Verma –
Mrs S Wiltshire – Ms S Harriman –

Faculty Introduction

The Science Faculty includes the subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The faculty is made up of 20 members of staff that have a range of expertise and subject specialisms. This enables the faculty to deliver a diverse and enriching curriculum for all our students.

In Biology, students will follow OCR A-Level Biology which explores exchange and transport, biodiversity, homeostasis, and evolution. In Chemistry, students will follow OCR A-Level Chemistry. The course allows students to develop an understanding of core organic chemistry, energy, and physical chemistry and transition elements. In Physics, students will follow OCR A-Level Physics A, which explores forces and motion, electrons, waves and photons as well as the Newtonian world and astrophysics.


Our students compete with much success in the Sixth Form National Science Olympiads. Our Science trips include the chance to visit the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and a field trip to study ecosystems.

Schemes of Learning

Each faculty has developed a two-year Scheme of Learning for each subject. The Schemes of Learning outline the curriculum journey that students will embark on during each academic year.




Faculty Assessment and Feedback Policy

Please find a copy of the Faculty Assessment and Feedback policy below. Teachers in the faculty subject areas will follow this policy when assessing students learning and providing feedback.