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Behaviour & Dress Code


We expect Denbigh Sixth Formers to set an example to the rest of the school and this includes with their behaviour and conduct.  Sixth Former students are automatically role models to the younger students in the school and should act in a way that inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

Excellent behaviour at Denbigh School involves upholding the three school values of ‘Be Engaged, Be Kind and Respectful and Do No Harm’.  These values are reinforced during Mentor sessions and through opportunities to work with lower school students in enrichment activities.  

Expectations of outstanding behaviour continue when our Sixth Formers are in and around the local community.  We remind our Sixth Form students that they are representing themselves and Denbigh School at all times.  This is one of the reasons why we have extremely strong working relationships with local businesses in Shenley Church End and Denbigh School has maintained its excellent reputation throughout Milton Keynes.

To view our Sixth Form behaviour policy please visit our Policies page.

Dress Code

Denbigh Sixth Form’s dress code is smart casual.  We do not insist on ‘office wear’ however we do expect our Sixth Former students to wear clothing that is appropriate for a learning environment. 

Sixth Form students are expected to conform to the Sixth Form dress code within the school and on journeys to and from school.  As young adults, they are preparing themselves for the next steps in their lives and this includes taking responsibility for what they wear to school.  Denbigh Sixth Formers should be dressed for an academic environment.

General dress code requirements:

  1. All Denbigh Sixth Formers must have their identity card and lanyard visible around their neck at all times.
  2. Only religious headwear is allowed to be worn in the school building – all other items of headwear are not permitted.  This includes, but is not limited to, caps, beanies, bucket hats and doo-rags.
  3. Jewellery may be worn but it should not be excessive.  Sixth Formers must remove any item of jewellery if a member of staff views it as a risk to personal safety.  Jewellery must not be worn in practical lessons.
  4. Ripped clothing is not allowed.  Students are not to wear ripped jeans or leggings to school. 
  5. Fishnet tights are not appropriate for a school environment and are not to be worn in the school building.
  6. Beach or sports shorts are not to be worn as general clothing.  In the summer months, tailored shorts are appropriate
  7. Tops must not be strapless, nor should they be too revealing.  Crop-tops are not appropriate for a school environment, neither are vest tops.
  8. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.  Flip-flops or sliders are not allowed in the school building.  Open-toed sandals are not allowed to be worn in Science or DT classrooms.
  9. T-shirts or other items of clothing with offensive messages or images are also not allowed in school
  10. False nails and nail varnish are allowed but they must be suitable for a classroom environment.  Overly long acrylic nails are not suitable for school.

A full list of expectations can be found here.