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Behaviour & Uniform


The Behaviour Policy at Denbigh School establishes the ways in which all members of the school community will contribute to the learning environment and ‘create a culture of success’.  Students are expected to attend school, be engaged with their learning and to behave well. They should have the opportunity to reflect and learn from their experiences and understand the consequences of their actions. We have high expectations of all students to create a positive community and learning environment. Students are expected to be good ambassadors for the school at all times. This policy provides a framework for supporting behaviour of students within the school but must be applied with knowledge of specific events and individuals.   

Our behaviour system is based on the development of our school community, where students make positive choices within the school environment.  This is reinforced through our core values: 

  • Be engaged
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Do no harm

Praise and rewards including awarding achievement points are central to encouraging positive choices and maintaining a strong community. We expect high standards and particularly celebrate those students who go ‘above and beyond’. 

Our consequences system is designed, first and foremost, to enable us to teach and reinforce good behaviour.  Students are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and learn from their mistakes. In the classroom the C1/C2/C3 progression underpins this idea: students are reminded of the consequences for them if they continue with inappropriate behaviour, and so they have the chance to stop.

In certain circumstances, a student may be put ‘on report’ to check daily progress. Parents may be invited to School to see the Tutor, Head of the Year or class teacher if poor work or unsatisfactory behaviour persists. On very rare occasions a student may be suspended from school.  Frequent serious misbehaviour or a one-off serious breach of our Behaviour Policy may result in a student’s permanent exclusion from the School.  Denbigh School works alongside the Milton Keynes Behaviour Partnership to support students who are at risk of suspension and/or exclusion from school.  Students may be referred for placement at Bridge Academy, an Alternative Provision in Milton Keynes. 

Details of Bridge Academy are below:

Bridge Academy
Coffee Hall
Milton Keynes
URN 140252

Current Ofsted rating Good

Further information regarding our behaviour expectations are outlined in the school Behaviour Policy


Our intention is to create a high level of standardisation for our uniform.  We firmly believe that the wearing of school uniform helps to instil pride, supporting positive behaviour, discipline, and offers an opportunity to uphold our school values.  It ensures all students from all backgrounds feel welcome and helps in protecting them from social pressures to dress in a particular way.  Students are expected to wear the prescribed school dress within school and on journeys to and from school.

We are mindful of the cost to families of buying school uniform when setting our uniform requirements and make every effort to combine school specific items, brought from the School’s Uniform supplier, with generic items that can be brought from a range of retailers.  We also hold regular uniform drives throughout the year, when parents can pick up items of donated pre-loved uniform free of charge.

The school specific items of uniform, which must be purchased from the School’s uniform provider Maisie’s of Wolverton, are the School tie, jumper, shorts (optional item for summer term use only) and some PE kit items. These items are highlighted on the list below.  They can be purchased direct from Maisie’s shop, allowing a try before you buy facility, or through the store’s on-line website with delivery to your home address. 

The remainder of the generic items of uniform/PE Kit can be purchased from any retailer, as long as it complies with the uniform requirements set out below. 

School Uniform Supplier: Maisie’s of Wolverton


Telephone number: 01903 313313
Store Address: 60-64 Church Street, Wolverton, MK12 5JW

General uniform requirements

  • All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with the student’s name.
  • Jewellery must not be worn in school.  It is dangerous in PE and some practical lessons. The only exception is a small pair of stud earrings – (one stud in each ear, and one in the nose).  There must be no other visible piercings – this includes tongue piercings.
  • Extremes of hair colour and hairstyle or patterns (including lines) are not allowed.
  • Plain white t-shirts only may be worn underneath the school shirt in extreme cold weather.
  • If a belt is worn it should be in accordance with school uniform colours.
  • Hijab head scarves should be worn in accordance with school uniform colours.
  • Hair items that are worn in order to keep long hair off the face should be plain, discreet and black or dark blue.
  • Outdoor jackets must be plain and dark in colour – sweatshirts/hoodies/sports tops with logos are not allowed.
  • Leggings/jeggings/footless tights are not allowed. Cropped trousers are not allowed.
  • Coloured nail varnish must not be worn in school.  Students should not wear false or gel nails.  
  • Makeup, including eye makeup or lipstick, is not encouraged in school and certainly should not be obvious.
  • Ties must be worn in relation to the year group a student is in.  
  • Students are not permitted to wear artificial eye lashes to school.  This includes eye lash extensions and stick-on eye lashes.

Girls’ uniform requirements

Boys’ uniform requirements

  • Black tailored trousers (not denim, cord, canvas or leather). Skin tight or Jean-style trousers are not allowed. 
  • Regulation school shirt light blues (saxe) with a collar. ‘Fashion’ alternatives to the regulation shirt are not allowed. 
  • Black v-neck jumper with Denbigh crest. (From Maisie’s of Wolverton only)
  • A school tie including the school crest, relevant to the year group a student is in (From Maisie’s of Wolverton only)
  • Socks should be plain black. Black socks with logos are not permitted.
  • Black shoes. Must be of a sensible design.  Black ‘Sensible Design Shoes’ do not include shoes such as Vans or trainer-style shoes.  Instead, students should wear traditional, formal shoes that look smart.  Canvas shoes of any type and boots above ankle height of any type (including leather) will not be allowed.  Shoes must be plain in colour without coloured trim or stitching. 
  • Boots may only be worn in extreme weather conditions for travelling to and from school. Student’s usual shoes should be brought to change into. 
  • Black tailored summer shorts may be worn in the summer term ONLY. This is an optional item and must be purchased from Maisie’s superstore in Wolverton. The shorts can either be the David Luke or Innovation brand.
  • PE/Games kit should all be clearly named.

Physical Education kit

Girls’ Physical Education kit

  • Required: 1 Navy blue Unisex Polo shirt, with Denbigh School logo (from Maisie’s of Wolverton)
  • Required: 1 pair navy blue shorts
  • Required: 1 pair navy blue football socks
  • Required: 1 pair of trainers (canvas shoes are not permitted)
  • Required: 1 zipped outer jacket with Denbigh School crest (from Maisie’s of Wolverton)
  • Required: 1 pair of Moulded football boots and I pair of Shin-pads. Hairbands 
  • Optional: gum-shield (strongly recommended)
  • Optional: Tracksuit bottoms or joggers with Denbigh School crest (from Maisie’s of Wolverton)

Boys’ Physical Education kit

  • Required: 1 Navy blue Unisex Polo shirt with Denbigh School logo (from Maisie’s of Wolverton).
  • Required: 1 pair of trainers (non-marking, canvas shoes are not permitted).
  • Required: 1 reversible rugby shirt navy and pale blue (from Maisie’s of Wolverton).
  • Required: 1 pair navy blue shorts.
  • Required: 1 pair navy blue football socks
  • Required: 1 pair football boots
  • Required: 1 pair of shin-pads
  • Required: 1 gum-shield for Rugby and Hockey lessons (compulsory)
  • Optional: Quarter zip top (from Maisie’s of Wolverton)

If you have any queries relating to the PE kit items, please contact the PE Faculty at the School on 01908 505030.