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Faculty Introduction

Staff in the English and Media Faculty work closely together as a team to ensure that lessons across the school are consistently challenging and engaging.

Schemes of Learning

Each faculty has developed a Scheme of Learning for each subject and year group. The Schemes of Learning outline the curriculum journey that students will embark on each academic year.


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Faculty Assessment & Feedback Policy

Please find a copy of the Faculty Assessment and Feedback policy below. Teachers in the faculty subject areas will follow this policy when assessing students learning and providing feedback.

Key Words for Year 7 English

Key TermDefinition
ColonialismThe policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.
ConflictTo come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash/ discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles.
HierarchyAny system of persons or things ranked one above another.
TempestA violent windstorm, especially one with rain, hail, or snow.
TempestuousOf the nature of or resembling a tempest.
ServantA person employed by another, especially to perform domestic duties.
Magical BeingMysteriously enchanting person.
ComedyA play, movie, etc., of light and humorous character with a happy or cheerful ending; a dramatic work in which the central motif is the triumph over adverse circumstance, resulting in a successful or happy conclusion.
GenreA class or category of artistic endeavour having a particular form, content, technique, or the like.
AsideWhen a character speaks aside, they briefly talk away from the rest of the characters.

Key Words for Year 8 English

Key TermDefinition
NaïveA person or action showing a lack of experience, or wisdom.
FickleA person who changes their mind a lot.
TragicMeans disastrous.
FrivolousMeans foolish and carefree.
NemesisA rival or enemy.
MeddlingTo interfere in something that is not your business.
DestinySomething that  will happen in the future.
BoisterousLoud, cheerful and energetic.
AmorousShowing a physical love and fondness.
BoastfulShowing off and bragging about something you have done or own.
FutileA waste of time and effort. It is pointless.
MelodramaticExaggerated and over emotional.
RecklessSomeone who doesn’t think about the consequence of their actions.
FeudA long and bitter argument or quarrel.
Soliloquy  A speech in a play in which a character who is alone on stage talks about their thoughts or feelings.

Extra Curricular

In the English and Media faculty, we offer a range of extra-curricular activities for students including a Debating Club and Creative Writing Club.  We have taken part in debate competitions with other local schools and we participate in writing competitions throughout the year.   When possible, we organise theatre trips to enable students to experience first-hand the literature they are studying.  We also invite theatre groups into school to perform some of our set texts and bring them to life for our students.