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Faculty Introduction

The English and Media Faculty includes the subjects English Literature, English Language and Literature, and Media Studies. The Faculty is made up of 16 members of staff that have a range of expertise and subject specialisms. This enables the Faculty to deliver a diverse, multi-disciplinary curriculum for all of our students.

In English Literature, students will follow Edexcel A-Level English Literature and will be given the opportunity to engage critically and creatively with a substantial body of texts. Students will develop and effectively apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation and undertake independent and sustained studies to deepen their appreciation and understanding of English literature, including its changing traditions. English Language and Literature students will follow OCR A-Level English Language and Literature which allows students to engage with a broad range of texts including the study of non-fiction spoken and written texts, novels, poetry and plays, as well as providing opportunities for original writing. Text choices offer a fresh and stimulating approach to learning, enabling learners to develop the analytical tools to explore language choices in detail and to become confident and insightful readers. In Media Studies, students will follow OCR A-Level Media Studies. Students will analyse a range of media forms including print, moving image, and internet-based texts. The course also explores the historical and contemporary debates around this media. There is also a substantial project element to this course which requires students to create their own media texts across different media formats including film, websites, and print.


In the English and Media Faculty, we offer a range of extra-curricular activities for students. We participate in writing competitions throughout the year. When possible, we organise theatre trips to enable students to experience first-hand, the literature they are studying. We also invite theatre groups into school to perform some of our set texts and bring them to life for our students.

Schemes of Learning

Each faculty has developed a two-year Scheme of Learning for each subject. The Schemes of Learning outline the curriculum journey that students will embark on during each academic year.

English Language & Literature

English Literature


Faculty Assessment and Feedback Policy

Please find a copy of the Faculty Assessment and Feedback policy below. Teachers in the faculty subject areas will follow this policy when assessing students learning and providing feedback.