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Sixth Form Enrichment

What is Enrichment?

We are committed to ensuring you make the right choices regarding your education from the courses you choose to the progress you make over the two years. At Denbigh School, we also value the development of your non-academic skills, and it is very important to the Sixth Form Team that all students are provided with a range of additional opportunities. Our Enrichment programme will ensure that all students have the opportunity to broaden their skill set and enhance their CV/UCAS Applications.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Become an advocate for positive mental health, working with others to help students develop strategies that will encourage a positive approach to managing their own mental health. 

Community Sports Leaders Award

This fun and practical Level 2 qualification in Sports Leadership, is nationally recognised and will give learners the chance to develop their organisational and communication skills. You will also focus on: positive role models in sport, how to mentor others and how to use leadership skills in a variety of settings.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is an established scheme at Denbigh School where older students are paired with younger students who require support. As a potential mentor, you will need to apply through a formal application and interview process. If successful, you will be given full training and matched to a suitable mentee.

Conversational Skills in a Foreign Language

An excellent opportunity to have fun learning a new language. This practical course will give you the basics of a chosen language, as well as exploring aspects of its culture, food and music.

Young Enterprise – includes optional exam

This popular national scheme started in 1963 and is still going strong today! Young Enterprise’s mission statement is ‘to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.’ Sixth Form students follow their flagship Company Programme; students set up and run a real firm for a year. You will receive practical experience of the joy and pitfalls of running a truly functioning enterprise.

Extended Project

A highly recognised educational opportunity that Universities value. The Extended Project is an AS Level qualification which provides opportunities for you to develop a wide range of critical, reflective, problem solving and independent learning skills through the planning, the research and evaluation of a self-selected project. This in-depth study can be reflected in one of the following outcomes:
• Dissertation
• Investigation
• Performance
• Artefact
The Extended Project is the only AS Level that awards an A* grade. Past projects have included: a dress; a character analysis of Captain Jack Harkness (investigation) and a dissertation on modern and medieval languages. The opportunities are endless; you identify the area that you want to focus on.

Duke of Edinburgh

A fantastic scheme where you can showcase and develop a range of skills, including teamwork, organisation, and outdoor pursuits. We can offer up to Gold Award.

EES – Engineering Education Scheme

This prestigious educational programme allows a team of four students the opportunity to work with a local engineering company on an industry-based project. The EES is run by the Royal Institute of Engineers. The aim is to continue to promote Engineering in schools and to showcase the opportunities that are available in this sector.

Student Mentoring

This scheme is highly popular with both students and teachers. It allows you the opportunity to build your confidence, whilst being incredibly helpful. Students arrange to support one or more lower school lessons on a weekly basis.

Debating Club

This club meets every week to discuss a wide range of ethical and controversial issues. If you have opinions, enjoy sharing them and listening to others, then this enrichment opportunity is for you. There are local, parliamentary and oxbridge debating competitions that we enter during the school year, if you fancy testing your newly honed skills.

Cooking and Food hygiene

If you enjoy cooking or want to learn how to cook, then this is a suitable course. You will improve your repertoire of skills and learn new nutritious recipes.

Music Club

If you have a passion for music, either playing or producing, Music Club is an opportunity to improve your talents.

Other opportunities:

Local Primary schools

Local Primary Schools need your support and there are many opportunities to gain valuable experience working with professional colleagues and younger students.

School Council

Elections are held every year for positions on the whole school council. A number of Sixth Form positions are available for the right candidates.

Christmas Bazaar Committee

A large group of students will be required to organise and run a set of stalls representing the Sixth Form at the Christmas Bazaar.

Student House Leadership Teams

Student House Leadership Teams are selected in March, to begin their term of office at the beginning of the summer term. As a potential member of the Student House Leadership Teams you will need to apply through a formal application and interview process. If successful, you will receive full training and work closely with the Staff House Champions to promote a House ethos in-school.

Reading Group help

This opportunity would be particularly suited to students interested in pursuing a career in child development or primary education. This role requires dedication, commitment and organisation and is an opportunity to work in Learning Support and help selected students with their reading.

World Challenge

A fantastic and life changing opportunity to work on a community project in a developing nation. Working together with other like-minded individuals and making a difference to local communities is what the World Challenge is all about. Only for the truly dedicated and focused individual! Our most recent trip was to Ecuador where students trekked in the Andes Mountains and worked on a marine conservation project.

Creative Arts Events

Whether you are performer, stage crew or make-up artist, our whole school Creative Arts events allow Sixth Formers to perform and work alongside younger students in the school. Working in a large group to produce performance is a challenging and deeply rewarding experience.

School Sports

At Denbigh School Sixth Formers partake in a range of sporting activities. There are training opportunities and formal fixtures in a range of settings.