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Mentoring Programme

The most important person in our students’ time in the Sixth Form will be their Mentor.   Students stay with their mentors for the two years to ensure that they develop an effective and supportive relationship.  Students will have two 30 minute group mentoring sessions a week with their mentor, where they will be guided through the principles of VESPA.  

All students have a carefully structured mentoring programme during their two years in the Sixth Form.  Mentoring will also include careers education as well as Personal, Social and Health Education.  Students will cover aspects related to supporting their own Mental Health and be supported through challenges over the two years.   Mentors are also responsible for writing references and supporting job applications and UCAS.

Pastoral Support

Pastoral support is vital to ensure student success.  At Denbigh Sixth Form, pastoral support starts with the Mentor and extends to the Heads of Year and Sixth Form administrators.  Mentors will meet with their mentees twice a week in timetabled group mentoring sessions and arrange one-to-one support sessions during each half term to provide further guidance.  Students can also approach their mentors if they require immediate assistance or advice.  There is always someone on hand to provide guidance and support.  If further support is required, students also have access to the school counsellor on a referral basis.    

Our mentoring programme focuses on supporting students through the change in demand from Year 11 to Year 12 and throughout Sixth Form.  During group sessions, students will consider aspects of wellbeing, preparation for life after Sixth Form alongside advice and guidance for success during Post 16 study.  We use the VESPA model to structure our mentoring programme and wider support.